#Trans-Migrations series

#Trans-Migrations – African masks (2020)
Acrylic colors and gold glitter on canvas and wood, dim. 89 x 116 cm

Aesthetic rapture, elegant refinement, arcane otherness, are all visible in the masks of the #Trans-Migrations series. The starting point is, once again, migration, the movement of peoples, especially from Africa. These masks, however, rediscover a balance that distances them from the more violent palettes of some of the artist’s other works.

The backgrounds, fashioned as brightly coloured textiles, show the movement of birds, fish, and canoes. These movements, drawn in a minimalistic and highly precise hand that provides them with an air of graphical refinement, appear constant, key to the formation of any identity, and inherent in the human condition.

The masks, with their half-closed eyes, look as if they are watching us from these backgrounds, while at the same time letting themselves be watched. Their elaborate hairstyles and accessories make them look regal and refined. In this way, the masks affirm the irreducible identity both of themselves and of the works of art that give them their concrete shape.

Birds on yellow

Fish on green

Pirogues on red