Simone Del Sere obtained his diploma from the State Institute of Art in Florence and immediately began working in the multi-faceted world of publishing and graphic design. He illustrated books for the country’s top publishers and designed logos and brands for a number of prestigious Italian companies. During the early 1990s, he worked on post-production (particularly with regard to animation and special effects) for advertisements in cinema and television. In 1999, he curated international ad campaigns with the studio Diaframma Advertising. In 2003 he joined Modus Multimedia, working across design, media communications, and new web technologies. In 2018, moved by a deeply felt, compelling drive towards research and new and different expressive media, he began experimenting with matter, beginning an artistic engagement which speaks to both societal and Christian themes.


Faced with a world where time has been reduced to immediacy, without memory or vision, and with a humankind petrified by the horror it is capable of unleashing, blinded by its repeated mistakes, disheartened by its fear of an apocalypse it believes is inevitable, what have I become?

This is the question that has moved me to pause and look inwards. The margins that others have set for me and which they use to identify me suffocate me. My humanity is dying, and I hate what I have become. I need to breathe, to extend across time and space, to experience all that is new and unexpected with joy and wonder, to lose myself in boundlessness.

That is why I have chosen to engage with art, to strip myself bare through a path of purification, to leave the world as if I were no longer a part of it, so as to be able to observe it from an external point of view, freely and objectively, seeking a new, better man.

As an artist and a believer, I am convinced that humanity is both a gift and an opportunity, a path on which we may encounter God and recognise Him in every person we meet.


  • 2011. Davico Art Gallery, Turin.
    “Illustrating Pinocchio” contest
  • 2012. Gianduja Museum in Grugliasco, Turin.
    50 artists for Pinocchio
  • 2012. Pinocchio Park Museum, Collodi (Pistoia).
  • 2014. Poste Italiane Filatelia, Turin.
  • 2017. Carabinieri Cadets School “La Cernaia”, Turin.
    Grabbed by the nose, Pinocchio and the Carabinieri.
  • 2018. San Marco Basilica, Florence.
  • 2020. Giorgio La Pira International Students Centre, Florence.
  • 2020. Chiostro dei Silvestrini, Church of San Marco, Florence.
  • 2020. ArteBo Gallery, Bologna.
    EroticArt 2020
  • 2021. RoccArt Gallery, Florence.
    The Future Art
  • 2021. RoccArt Gallery, Florence.
    Sensazione del Colore
  • 2021. Datini Palace, Prato.
    Dante (700th anniversary of Dante’s death)
  • 2021. St. John the Baptist Church, Campi Bisenzio.
    Arte Sacra
  • 2021. Town Hall, Signa.
    Dante (700th anniversary of Dante’s death)
  • 2021. Chiassoperduto, Florence.
    Omorfosi (solo exhibition)
  • 2022. Pieve di San Leolino a Panzano in Chianti, Florence.
    Festival of Astists (solo exhibition)
  • 2023. Semiottagono delle Murate, Florence.
    Colori diversi
  • 2024. ARTEGENOVA, Genoa.
    Contemporary Art Talent Show