OMORFOSI by Simone Del Sere
Solo exhibition at the Chiassoperduto – December 2021

This universe is inhabited by creatures in different semi-sleep states, they seem fully delivered to a desire of evolution, and reinvention, there are semi-plants, experiments, traces halfway between object and machine and a presence / absence that feeds the metamorphosis of chrysalises.

We observe these figures in a primitive state, others instead awake, we ignore if they are about to begin the journey of metamorphosis or if they are in the awakening phase, each seems to question us about memories, childhood, death and losses but they also put us in front of the possibility of endless reconstruction, like the bed that tells us about someone who has already left, through the exit portal waiting to return and enter chrysalis of all kinds, aware of the powerful capacity of transformation that makes us human .

Curated by Sandra Miranda Pattin & Francesca Morozzi
Assistant Curator Isabella Tamayo

OMORFOSI – Chrysalises
Mixed media on jute (liquid bitumen and universal primer), dim. 100 W x 230 H cm, 2021